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Can't you see me standing right here?

Alison Rhiannon Connor
12 October 1987
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Okay, so I think it's been like six years since I changed what it said here, and that's really only because I forgot this page existed. XD I pretty much just live on my friends page.

So. here's the deal: the header is not mine. I hunted around google for one that would at least somewhat fit my layout because I suck at this shit. If it's yours, I apologize and would be happy to credit or, if you prefer, take it down. It's only temporary, anyway. I just got sick of staring at the same damn picture for three years and the friend who made my last two headers no longer has a working computer. So. yeah, that happened.

Um. Other than that, there's really not much to say. I ignore strangers so do not friend me or comment on one of my entries if we've never spoken before. Unless the picture of BVB is yours, obviously. Trust me, guys... you won't like me. I'm bitchy, selfish, I swear too much, and I have an obsessive personality. I don't make friends easily, and that's mainly because I don't want or need any more than I currently have.

Have a nice day!