Alison Rhiannon Connor (psychotk) wrote,
Alison Rhiannon Connor

go ahead and laugh. I don't care.

I firmly believe in Avalon. and Camelot. and King Arthur. And, most of all, Morgana/Morgaine/whatever and Merlin. obviously, I do not believe every retelling that I obsessively track down is true. I'm not some Catholic moron taking every contradictory word of the Bible as scientific fact XD Just like with religion and pretty much everything else in my life, I pick and choose what makes sense to me. What fits with what I know of human history.

Well, not just human.

I already know that there are many Gods, and billions of spirits. I'm not talking about ghosts, though those are real, too. I'm talking about the sentient life in that tree in your front yard, or the grass you just stomped all over, or the air around you. Everything in the natural world is alive and aware and, for the most part, doesn't like us. Why should they? Humans destroy everything we touch, even - or rather, ESPECIALLY - the ones with the best intentions.

I also know that there used to be other beings who lived here. The original people of Ireland, for example, weren't what most of you would call "people". They were bipedal, but not human. They were strong and wise and powerful, and they were a peaceful, intelligent race. Humans - Celts - drove them out to the Otherworld.

Yeah, this rant is a little random. Sorry. Nothing really sparked it other than my aforementioned Arthurian legend obsession and the fact that I'm sick and fucking tired of tip-toeing around the head-blind masses who try to slap a label on me just so they can have a word to mock. If you need a word, call me a witch. Call me Pagan. Call me a fucking three-headed wonder cat. I don't give a damn.

I am special. I am someone. I am loved completely and unconditionally by my Goddess. And while you monotheists are praying for forgiveness for some imagined hereditary slight and you atheists are ridiculing everyone around you, I will be growing stronger and wiser and more beautiful. My sisters and I will hold our heads high and know that we have a firm place in this world, and that while we certainly don't know everything, we do know something you don't:

You're all right. And you're all wrong. Monotheists: your God is just as real as all the rest. Atheists: yeah, our bodies are meaningless lumps of flesh. Aliens and Fae and Angels are all out there. And no, they're not all alternate names for each other.

You're free to think I'm wrong, of course. Disagree. I expect it. Just don't fucking argue with me, because I would NEVER argue with you over your beliefs.

I'm done hiding, and I refuse to be put on the defensive. I am a daughter of the Moon, and one day I will be a priestess, and I am VERY proud of who I am.
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