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dream pet army revisited XD

Because I've realized my previously mentioned army is not complete...

Cael, as you may remember, is sort of the "daddy" of the group. As the oldest (because I'd get my wolfhound first and foremost), he's the alpha male, and is responsible for making sure no one fights and everything runs smoothly.

Slartibartfast. Because I couldn't have one Celtic hound and not the other XD

and of course, there's our beautiful "mommy" Yankumi, the alpha female of the group. She, like the other dogs, is free to run wild in the yard and has free run of the house, but she also helps Cael make sure everything's safe and in order.

Introducing Emrys, Yankumi's other companion. I felt bad making her the only true wolf on the property, so I brought Emrys here in to keep her company.

Here we have the beautiful, yet mischievous Zaphod (yup. changed his name again), ever the snuggly and affectionate one, but also the prankster. He loves to aggravate the others, but he does it out of love XD

Kuma, here, isn't the brightest bulb in the pack, but he's a sweetie, and he's strong as an ox. He also loves to curl up on my lap whenever I sit. XD

This is Precious, the Fuzzy Army's security officer. XD Precious is as playful and cuddly as they come, and around me, he's a freaking lapdog, but if a stranger comes past the outer wall, especially when I'm not home, said stranger is dead in just a few seconds. He doesn't tolerate the slightest threat to his family.

This, my friends, is Shadow, named after the first dog I ever owned, who was, like her, a dark German shepherd. Thankfully, Shadow is a bit smarter than her predecessor, and I have little to worry about with her. She's part of the fuzz brigade, but as a work dog as well, she's one of the privileged two who actually get to leave the confines of the outer walls and play with the livestock. She herds the cattle and, when necessary, chases the chickens back to their area with a little help from...

Peanut, the youngest member of the team. She and her big sis Shadow are sharp little shits; they know what they're doing, and they do it well. Peanut herself is an absolute doll. <3 Whenever Precious or Kuma aren't in her way, you'll find Peanut happily curled up in my lap, enjoying her daily dose of belly rubs. All my dogs are affectionate, but sometimes Peanut acts like she's starved for it! She'll sit at my feet, make cute begging faces, and whine until I pat her, or shove whoever's on my lap out of her way. She's so damned cute XD

This adorable little sweetheart is Giggles, so named because of the (slightly creepy) laughing sound he makes, like a hyena. He's sweet to me and very social with the dogs, but he's timid and uneasy around everyone else. NEVER try to pat him; he'd either run and hide, or bite your hand right off. Oddly, he lets me hug him... <3

And, of course, Hypy, the permanently stupid-happy bouncing ball of endless energy. XD She drives the rest of the dogs absolutely bonkers, out-mischief-ing even Zaphod, but you just can't help but love her. even if she is dumb as rocks ^^; lol

This is Noble, my black lab. He's so freaking precious that I just couldn't resist him. <3

and here we have Noble's buddy, Baka! ^^ Yeah. Baka. 'Nuff said. lol. But he's cuddly and cute and a great companion... not to mention he was easy as hell to train.

Buttbreath, here, is as fucking cute as they come, and by far the smallest dog in my house. He reminded me so much of my dad's dog, Buster, that I HAD to get him.

and here's Buttbreath's semi-half-brother, Sheiss. XD I had fun naming them. Can you tell?

Here's Kit again! This time with her best friend and mate, Sascha. ^-^ They're so cute together, and Sascha totally dotes over little Kit.

This is Dragon, the red fox. Pretty self-explanatory. ^^; (sorry. running out of ideas for these descriptions...)

Then there's Zombie (left) and Gizmo (right). They just love to sprawl across my shoulders, or, mainly in Zombie's case, curl up on top of my head XD as I walk around the house, doing my thing. I swear, I can't go anywhere without these two, once I let them out of their cage.

This is Gypsy, my oh-so-sweet fruit bat. Isn't she adorable? ^-^ Easy to feed, too, since she eats freaking fruit. All I have to do is go pick some for her and hand it to her.

and here's Kyo (yes. Kyo.), the pygmy marmoset. ^^ isn't he cute? <3333 He's a little beggar and a glutton, but he's the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen in my life. Especially when he's playing with Kit, Sascha, and/or Fuzzy Lumpkins... it's a cuteness overload and I find myself constantly going "AWWWWWW~!!!"

This cute little guy is Stairmaster, my gerbil. I used to swear I'd never get a small rodent besides a rat, but the tail won me over. XD Gerbils are quite possibly one of the cutest rodents I've ever seen. ^^

aaaaaand finally, we have the second-smallest member of our affectionate clan, Fuzzy Lumpkins! As I said in the other entry, I usually just call him Fuzz <3 Fuzz doesn't like Zombie much, since she takes up quite a bit of my, and Fuzz's pal Gizmo's attention, but he gets along with everyone else just fine. The dogs don't bother him, and I think Kit is amused by the fact that there's actually an animal in the house smaller than her XD

....aaaand... that's all I can think of, for now XD

Well, there you have it, folks! The new and improved list of the furry friends I will have when I get my beautiful dream castle/farm on the west coast of the Emerald Isle, just south of Galway. <333 I think they'll like it. ^-^

[EDIT] rearranged it and added some more. XD what can I say? I love animals.
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